KABF playlist 11/30/2014

A couple of nights ago, the two principals behind Reagan’s Polyp – Krel and Astronaut Body – did a radio show together on KABF, 88.3 FM in Little Rock.  The show was constructed as a back-and-forth of song choices, with the two hosts having a sort of conversation through music (peppered with bits of actual conversation).  That was on Sunday night, November 30.  Here is the playlist.


KREL: Giant Crab, “Hot Line Conversation,” from A Giant Crab Comes Forth

ASTRONAUT BODY:  Yello, “Bimbo,” from Solid Pleasure

K:  Donald Fagen Band, “Here at the Western World,” live recording

AB: Ennio Morricone, “Trafelato,” from Crime and Dissonance (orig. 1971)

K:  Vanilla Fudge, “Shotgun,” from Fillmore East 1/1/69


(air break)


AB: The Rudy Schwartz Project, “Happy Smiling Nipple Boy,” from Winter Dance of the Koala Sperm Harvest

K:  Sugarloaf, “Hot Water,” from Spaceship Earth

AB: Guaranteed Katch, “Baron of Boeuf,” from In A Sumptuous Brown Gravy

K:  Secret Chiefs 3, “Good Vibrations”, from Smiling Pets

AB: B-52s, “Butterbean,” from Whammy

K:  The Music Machine, “Talk Talk,” from 45”


(air break)


AB: Voice Crack, “Turntable Wax,” from Ear Flash

K:  Queens of the Stone Age, “Better Living Through Chemistry,” from Rated R

AB:  Hanatarash And His EYE, “Side Two” from 45”

K:  Kansas, “Magnum Opus,” from Leftoverture


(air break)


AB: Behold… the Arctopus, “Transient Exuberance,” from Skullgrid

K:  Van Dyke Parks, “Music for a Datsun Commercial”

AB:  Jethro Tull, “The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles,” from A Passion Play (S. Wilson remix)

K:  The Eagles, “Victim of Love,” from Hotel California


(air break)


AB:  Hawkwind, “Warriors,” from Warriors on the Edge of Time

K:  The Corporation, “Smile,” from The Corporation

AB: Faxed Head, “The Four Freshmen,” from Chiropractic

K:  unknown, “The Nile,” from fake soundtrack to the film Cleopatra


(air break)


AB: Roscoe Mitchell, “Nonaah” (excerpt), from Nonaah

K:  The United States of America, “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” from The United States of America


(air break)


AB: Manowar, “Blood of the Kings,” from Kings of Metal

AB: Boredoms, “Used CD,” from Super Roots (Japanese edition)

K: Grateful Dead, “Dark Star,” from Miami 10/26/89 (entire song)

AB:  Giacinto Scelsi, Canti del Capricorno (entire album)