T.C. Edwards, RIP

In a devastating blow to the central Arkansas music community, legendary local musician T.C. Edwards died this last weekend.  T.C. recorded several albums with his band T.C. and the Eddies, which included virtually the entire lineup of Reagan's Polyp.  The official statement:

"The members of Reagan's Polyp are anguished to learn that our longtime friend and collaborator, TC Edwards, was shot and killed in Little Rock on Sunday. We loved TC, and we will always love him. He was the greatest, most passionate, most distinctive rock vocalist that Arkansas has ever produced, and unquestionably the center of the local music scene. We are grateful to have had the chance to work with him. Our thoughts go out to everybody whose lives he touched. We ask everybody to remember T.C. as he was: a rock and roll warrior, and therefore immortal. Eternal peace to you, TC."